Tuesday, February 15, 2005

miserable cow

Julian says I sound like a miserable cow, and a spoilt one at that in my last blog. Ouch. Isn't it marvellous to have such a honest mirror? (Even if he misses the implied irony sometimes). My father in law wrote on the family blog to say how much he loved singing in choirs and I just want to apologise to all you choristes out there for my apparent snobbery and say, YES, it IS about singing in public! Of course it is! Otherwise what's the point? Its about giving in' it? Meanwhile I got what I deserved by getting cello utterly 'coinceed' in the fierce gnashers of the Paris RER doors and had to cry for help which was forthcoming from a beautiful black man dressed all in white fur. Cello dented but all the wiser. Sometimes the world is a fair place, or a fur palace. Ouch again, my neck and back are very painful from excess instrumental baggage.


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