Monday, March 14, 2005

commission notes

Our friendly and patient solicitor is still waiting for his painting barter while the Seasons come around again, quinces turn into boats and soon Brendan's original desire - irises - will be out again for the second time. Meanwhile a website has been born, spring is sprung and the inspiration is flowing. We're on the way up.

Here is Julian's most recent email to B:

Dear Brendan, remember me? I have been, whilst working up to doing your painting, - irises will be out again soon - busy with this new site which I hope will provide the where-with-all to support my dearest wifey. Any way today I did this little sketch for my painting a day site and I was so pleased with it I started a large one of the same (rather than the flowers in a jug that I had planned for you). I thought with your holidaying in St. Tropez an all it might be rather fitting - or perhaps not. Waddya think, does that excite? It is quite large 73x60 and will be worth around £900 if it works out (but I figure I owe you interest) If not then I will do something in the still life/ flowers mode as planned. Course you can make a decision when I have finished it. Lots of hugs j

and the reply:


funny really, I first read that as "nightshift- friday"....funny really.....

web site for the wife - she's got one already, I've seen it. Is this to support/promote her fiddling or are we on to something new and exciting..?
(what is the difference between shiftinglight and stillives...?)

and on to reflections...(excuse me, I didn't do the St Trop bit thankyou...I'm not that common...I have a proper cotton panama....) yes, looks interesting as you say and anticipate I shall find the end result pleasing...carry on would you.

regards to wifey and I am going to try and get to that bloody studio this year....

Bj x

Julian is wrapping up small paintings and I think a spider has managed to find it's way into an Ojai bound package. Special Bonus.

I'm on the way out again after a coffee on our terrace which makes life worth living. Not sure how much internet I will get access to so a bientot.


Anonymous Sierra said...

This is me saying 'hi'. :-) Interesting blog -- cats, music and art are definitely my kind of thing. I'll be sure to drop by more often.

How annoying about your e-ticket. But they didn't actually chuck you off the train for having snipped the ad off it, did they?

6:09 PM  
Blogger ruth said...

no they didn't after I gave them an earful in my best frogstrop! glqd you like the blog. keep visiting!

11:02 PM  
Anonymous morphess said...

Beautiful Iris. Want,want,want.

12:07 AM  
Blogger ruth said...

hello again morphess! im getting quite used to your daily good mornings! yeah, fraid that one sold (it was big and expensive and the guy that bought it has bought and commissioned alot more things) but the i-season is soon back upon us and the vaucluse is banked up with them, white ones too. i imagine some small ones may appear soon so sign up gor the shifting light site and you'll get first pickings!

8:51 AM  
Anonymous morphess said...

Ha! Might have to sell a child first the way finances are going..

Did you see Zoe from 'my boyfriend etc' won best blog??!

11:54 PM  
Blogger ruth said...

didn't mean to do such a hard sell, morphess. it's supposed to come qccross a bit humourous, but perhaps I'm not hitting the right tone there....Julian says I am ruthless! Promise me you won't sell a child!!!!
Yeah good for Zoe. I approve!
See ya tomorrow? (otherwise i will start missing you!)

12:58 AM  

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