Sunday, July 31, 2005


Leader to his sectional cello:

"Here are some reviews of the opening night. Taken from Der Standard, Salzburger Nachrichten and Die Presse:"

Sectional cello to her leader:

"I presume you were not up since dawn translating this...?"

Leader to his sectional cello:

"Actually i chained christian to the coffetable all night long with a bowl of dry coffeepowder until he had translated everything..."

"In the premiere public the smallest Mukser is not to be heard. Certainly: As gently, tenderly, in the tone qualities of infinite, more floating delicate-eat as the orchestra the voice prime and clasp, must that simply to hearts go. Here certainly only music the area and says everything."

"The orchestralen commitment of the orchestra clock for clock pre and thought are. The conductor and alive-real ceremony master, brings the Mozarts' music to speaking, to the glowing. It worries with this ensemble almost agitating about the unimportant, produced thereby a continuous tension which did not provide at approximately three hours of performance duration from it, a minute thirst after sharper subject feel let."

"In the ethereal Pianissimo as in the strongly zupackenden Sforzato,in modelling eloquent melody elbows as in accenting fright sounds it does not do window to the Musicians you directly,if this conductor at the desk stands."

I think they liked it.

(Translation actually coutesy of babelfish )


Blogger Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Translation is a HUGE subject. So I'll just say: hahahahaha!!! I enjoyed that enormously, Ruth. Glad it's going well.

9:23 PM  
Anonymous mig said...

You guys rocked, according to Alpha, and the reviews I read.

8:41 AM  
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