Friday, April 28, 2006



Inspired by the energetic spiral of which Yves talks, and a traditional provencal staircase we had been looking at together, I had a particularly satisfying session on the seventeenth number in the Art of Fugue; following the upward and downward turn of sextuplets, the contact on the string like a potter's hand on her wheel.

In the gallery the second 'couche' had been applied 'al fresco' to make the finish and after my practice I took my turn with the trowel to the Sufi trance music.

"Lightly. Listen to the material. Do not force it, like a caress"

Indeed, knees bent and loose, I did find the spiral, my tool turning in a figure of eight against the wall's new skin: Staying present in my fingers and with the material, not leading from my solar plexus, feet or hands, and not following either. Just being. What is meditation if not this?

The Titanium white and the finish have brought the walls to a gleam now, and when in Carpentras to get veg and plumbing bits and bobs for Julian, I had a sudden urge to see red against the white. I went into my favourite patisserie and bought a glistening strawberry tart for us all to share for tea.

Julian laid low, packing up paintings, doing plumbing and electric jobs, and writing out invoices. Just now however, he crept into the new space, made a hand print and thus had a little private taloche with just a glass of wine and the cats for company.He's not very into Sufi trance music or groups and that's more his scene. However I sense he might have felt a bit calmer about the overwhelming plumbing and posting problems if he had spent some more time bringing the radiant gallery to life. Today it simply was not possible. Next week, hopefully, he will have a chance.



Blogger Jean said...

What a very beautiful photo - it stands out even among all your beautiful photos of your very photogenic home.

And, oh, yes, spirals. I did classes for a while with a teacher trained in the 'dynamic yoga' school. What I most liked in this very precise and perfectionist form was the visualising and cultivating of spirals of tension and energy, inwards and outwards, in different parts of the body in each pose. I found it an incredibly powerful and useful image and still find myself contacting to it as I walk, or stand waiting to cross the road...

12:56 PM  
Blogger Sarah Mackenzie said...

How did your stairs work out? Were you pleased? Anyway if you have a chance I wondered if you would be able to pass on the name of your supplier and artisans. And any tips!

3:52 PM  

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