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I'm taking Zuleme's comment on my last post on board and, even though I am not writing, officially, I will try to post the occasional picture and commentary.

We were so excited when we got on the plane bound (via a 9 hour stopover in Casablanca) for spring in Provence. It had been a challenging trip to Mali - moving, exhausting, life changing. Certainly not relaxing. And so we returned - from the hottest place on earth, and one of the poorest - to two weeks of snow, rain and thunderstorms. Julian had started ranting about fish and chips and warm beer in an English pub on our last day in Bamako and his ranting became almost crazed as he lay bedridden with dysentry and Harmattan lung (a disease we invented) for almost two weeks. It was hard to reconnect with life here for reasons that....

Another story.

Anyway, since yesterday we have had emerald days again and, inspired by friends whose delectable lettuces we ate at with to-die-for pizze, we have been planting seeds ready for our square foot garden: thyme, chervil, basil, parsley, tomatoes, peppers,lettuces, beetroots....

We have been writing and playing Bach and painting and taking cats for walks in olive groves...


And we have come home.



Blogger Peter (the other) said...

In a way... I was surprised that Julian might not have painted more, in Mali, but then a vacation was well earned. I too, have tossed and turned in hot and alien places, bathed in sweat and fever induced hallucinations, one can take more of a trip then one plans. Sometimes I can take great satisfaction out of surviving an ordeal. It all seems somehow Graham Greenesque.

Beautiful photos as ever, and the cats made me very happy (I showed it straight away to my Lord Buckley who chided me for not providing such beautiful pasture for himself... harumph).

6:48 AM  
Blogger Dale said...

Big grin. Nice to see your cats and herbs! (thanks, Zulema!)


8:28 AM  
Blogger MB said...

Welcome home, and happy settling in!

12:59 AM  
Blogger Zuleme said...

Hi Ruth,
I haven't checked in for a while but I am gald to see the new posts. I have been having wicked trouble with blogger right now and it is frustrating but I will firgure it out. I hoped to come to France this June but it is not in the cards.
It is nice to see an occasional post even when you are busy. I think the blogosphere gets sad when a blogger drops off for no reason but is content with occasional reminders of life.
We used to walk two of our cats in the marsh below the house. They never went there alone but would follow us, eyes wide and excited.

4:37 PM  

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