Saturday, November 20, 2010

I have moved!

I am excited to announce that 'meanwhile, here in france' has, after five years, decided to grow up and be part of the new me on Moveable Type. With the help of the brilliant Julian I have integrated my professional site with two blogs, one called 'meanwhile...' (this is the name I always wanted but it wasn't available on blogspot at the time) and the other, a series of musical essays, called 'cello notes'. In true Julian style, of course, the site is not quite finished, and what is currently a side bar will one day, I hope, be transformed into a row of cute golden buttons, but I think you will agree that already the new look is better. Though I was sad to abandon the fern banner and indeed the poppies, times are changing. Clutter is out and clean white space is in. While Julian redesigned, I took the time to significantly rewrite some old essays and articles so I do hope you will enjoy browsing Ruth and please feel free to give any feedback (especially if something is not working properly!)


Blogger nigelfletcher said...

Hi Ruth, I have just moved, in the last 3 days, to France from England, about 8 miles west of banbury to be exact! and now find myself amongst all things French with my dog Jemima. Settling in but feeling a little like a fish out of water, but happy that I have finally 'made it'

12:14 PM  
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Blogger gusDon said...

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