Sunday, January 16, 2005


Left-over cous-cous and I insist that we put the computers away even if it is for ten minutes. ("What would you say if your son ate his dinner infront of his laptop?").It turns out to be much more than ten minutes and we do, over our €22 a 10 litre cubi of vin de pays, what I love doing best: we have one of our spontaneous art talks.
The brush stroke and the bow - how are they similar? Julian - who used to run the Renoir Cinema in London - recently showed me the amazing film - 'The Hustler'. In it, Paul Newman talks about what it is like when he is truly on form: He says that the snooker cue is not just an extension of the arm but it is also "full of nerve endings". We talk about whether or not a brush stroke can regenerate itself as a bow can, or a pebble thrown and skimming water; at what point the rhythm of the gesture takes over from the head; the control gives way to momentum. We hash out crooked cups and crooked quinces and how they are different due to the judgement of the onlooker; how quinces are expected to be wonky but cups perfect; the dynamic between a perfect solid object and an organic one; the imperfection in the voice of the opera singer which is exactly the moment we, the audience, break down.
Julian is doing a virtual image using photoshop of Val's fireplace, changing the perspective and moving the window and the surround sound TV, and placing a vibrant Merrow-Smith above it. It is their 15th wedding anniversary and they want 15 things. Oscar is doing his inside-out trick and Manon is curled up in post licking girlie beauty sleep. We are back on track.


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