Wednesday, April 27, 2005

synchronicity and abundance

On Tuesday, an ocean apart but within an hour of one-another, Duane Keiser posted this in Virginia:

whilst, in Avignon, Julian posted this:

Two visions of a strawberry meeting in a moment of synchronicity.

Julian almost sent an email to Duane (as they have exchanged artistic fluids in the form of trading paintings) today saying:

"What shall we paint today, darling?"

There is so much abundance all of a sudden that, short of making a list, I'm not quite sure how to relay the information in time.

Sipping our morning juice we heard the first cuckoo cookin' in the emerald wheat field; saw the new shoots on the vines suddenly sprout like fairy fingernails;

an evening trot on four feet and eight paws was accompanied by the first cicada and the soft screech of the swifts newly arrived from Africa; blood-drop poppies are banked up and back-lit against acid spurge, and the irises have pushed up mightily from the marron earth......

.....Irises, their velvety lower jaw dropping down to earth whilst their upper lip curls translucent towards the heavens.

It's one thing to keep abreast with verbal or photographic descriptions of this fleeting season, and quite another to have to paint each thing as it occurs. Julian has been on a race against time, and as many new paintings are springing up in our house as new varieties of plant are springing up outside it. Commissions are being finished (one of which is six years old) and, in the third season of purple flowers since the barter was made, the debt to our solicitor is (not without a little mourning tear, I expect on both sides)finally paid up in the form of irises.

(It was my idea to make the marron earth purple. J very impressed!)

For those of you who have been following the saga, here is the last installment:

J: "Here you go enfin, does that please?"

B: "very nice too.....does this mean I now get irises and not the last suggestion - or wot...I can't keep up...AND you have also failed to clear up my confusion on web sites mentioned in our last exchange.....who do I report you to.....?"

J: "Sorry about not responding to questions appropriately but yup, I have done the Irises especially for you. I seem to remember Irises being something you liked. Or you can have any of these"... "but you can have only one!
Re websites: I have three in total... the small painting a day of which I have now completed nearly seventy paintings in seventy days and sold about 40.. saved my bacon.. and the main site where I put new
things, big things, etc. and a sort of diary which is rather infrequently updated... words, not my thing.

Am I discharged from my debt?
ps. Ruth has been publishing our correspondance, see:"
..."so i guess you report me to her?@**?"

J: "I am sending out the irises to my mailing list - I will include you - the painting despite appearances is reserved for you."

B: "I should think so too - bloody all those people who read your note on the website will think I didn't like it........I also hope that none
of your visitors work for the Inland Revenue as now I will be taxed on receiving a payment in kind !!

Yes they (Irises) are very nice and I like the painting and yes we are all square. I shall expect a delivery in the post.

I may in fact, with your indulgence, seek to commission a futher variety of iris - you may not be up to it with your "painting a day" m'larky

(I was delighted to see so many red spots - didn't you do well !)
hugs and kisses to you both"

The End. ....or perhaps not? What other varieties are there?


Blogger Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I love a good coincidence. It makes me believe in... coincidence!

5:05 PM  
Blogger Kimberly said...

Since you wrote the post about Julian's trading postcard paintings with Duane, I've been checking his site each day, too. I laughed with delight when I saw Duane's strawberries... having just come from Julian's site.

I had eaten the first strawberries of the season here on the previous day. Ah, synchronicity!

5:53 PM  
Blogger ruth said...

wow, that is spooky, man!

5:57 PM  
Blogger L'Oiseau said...

Another coincidence - I posted vines in bud today as well :) But the southern sun is obviously a little stronger in the south than the north-east. We're not quite as far along !!

6:10 PM  
Anonymous Becca said...

there are few words for how delightful your blog is ... I have asked for a Julian painting for my birthday ...

6:23 PM  
Blogger ruth said...

thank you becca - i can recommend them as birthday presents! (i've had a few!)

8:10 PM  
Anonymous caroline morphess said...

I want a Juilian painting too...

I shall attempt to put his site on mine later today, it will be the first time I have done this undided, so watch out for my site crashing...

I feel sad and jealous that you are going into spring - my favorite time - and I am going into a very soggy autumn....

Do you have primroses in France?

PS Are you sure that bloke is a lawyer? Sounds like an accountant to me...

11:44 PM  
Anonymous Provencal Painter said...

Ouch Caroline!! He might read this..;-)

8:49 AM  
Blogger ruth said...

no primroses as far as i can see, morph,...that's the English spring domain. they are so lovely. we also have green skinny sheep here instead of white woolly ones. you can't have it all!

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Mark Bean-Cello said...

Funny that. I had my first strawberries of the year on Tuesday too.

I can't think of much else to say here but I couldn't resist using my new signature for the first time...

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Mark Gamon's wife, apparently.. said...

You cannot indeed dear Ruth...although I'm worried about the green sheep, you're not near Cape de la Hague are you?

Julian,I am married to someone who has - to me - a small alphabet after his name, including the initials A.C.C.A. Some of them are wonderful people, and I think it beholds us all to remember that.

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Sierra said...

Those paintings make me want to run out right now and buy some strawberries. I can practically taste them. :-)

1:21 PM  
Anonymous mark gamon-bean-cello said...

I'm amazed you can make any sense of these comments, Ruth. Never mind the people leaving them. I've just noticed you're a mate of Carol Grimes. I had one of her records once. And I think I saw her sing at the Triad Arts Centre in Bishops Stortford many many many years ago. If it was her, she was dead good...

3:15 PM  
Blogger ruth said...

gammon steak bean cello - i have to admit i am getting a little confused. it helps to click on the names to see who's talking. what is it with you and bean cello anyway? did you look up the cellist caroline bean? perhaps you two were mwant to be?
yep, carol very good mate o' mine and a winderful musician. she's still at it and has just released an amazing new album called 'mother'. dead good indeed and luckily still with us.

3:30 PM  

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