Thursday, October 20, 2005

how to pull an audience

Seven people enter the seventh car of the TGV train from La Rochelle to Paris. One is a sleek Dutch redhead with strong lips, one a pale long chiselled Swede, one a blushing Texan cheerleader, one a thickly curled Bolognan nut, one a swimming champion from Anchorage, one a Wagnerian hero....

They try to fit their strangely shaped boxes in and around the existing squares of luggage.

Miss Alaska is sitting next to a fresh smelling Frenchman.

" What do you all do?" he asks "Are you models?"

" No, Monsieur, we are the Musiciens du Louvre"

(She might have added: "on a high from a standing ovation, sea air and lots of oysters")

The Frenchman leaves the train in Paris, smelling a little less fresh, with a renewed zeal for Mozart and an email address in his pocket.


Blogger zhoen said...

Building your fanbase the old fashioned way, one fan at a time. Hand crafted, one of a kind.

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