Monday, January 02, 2006

Finding Home

winter walk

Waking up to a New Year slowly, skidding somewhat on ice-pixels, our gortex jackets being attacked by rosehip claws as sweet pear-flesh drips down our freezing chins and in to our scarves. All the while a feast of all good things is being digested in our stomach and heart – foie gras, oysters, truffles and delightful friends from the night before. Slowly also we chew over the year. We acknowledge that their has been less magic shared – no hares leading us down moonlit paths, no honeymoon starlit snorkelling, no finding ‘home’ at the bottom of a mountain.

This year our energy has been directed outwards into the world…

Necessary. Financial. Professional. Stable. Successful even….

And so I turn again towards my beloved, and vow quietly to bring more of the magic home to him. Maybe even one day not to have to go away quite so much.

A book of Julian’s postcards with my text may be in the wings and maybe some of the outward-bound magic will boomerang back into our home in 2006.


I have a new post on the subject of 'Finding Home' up on qarrtsiluni.


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Happy new year!

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