Saturday, January 30, 2010

Giovanni in Versailles

versailles giovanni 2010

Travelling on the suburban train in pale light and feathery snow. Reading! Playing Mozart in the bijoux renovated palace of Versailles. Walking back to the station via the Italian store in the covered market where I buy fresh tortellini and my ration of a half bottle of wine. More 'bouquiner' on the return journey. Consuming above delicacies. Bed. These are good days.

Meanwhile, I cannot recommend highly enough Susan Tomes' book 'Beyond the Notes', the story of 'Domus' and insightful, touching and hilarious musings on the inner workings of a chamber musician's life in and out of a geodesic dome.


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Blogger Jean said...

I read this lovely book recently too, having encountered Susan Tomes at the event she writes about here: I went because I'm a big fan of Eva Hoffman, and made a wonderful discovery.
I gather Susan has a new book out soon - can't wait.

2:38 PM  
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