Friday, April 02, 2010

The transhumance passes the potager


Another day of digging and seed planting. At first, on very little sleep, I was grumpy. More concentrated on the enemy couch grass than the friend worms; listening to the voices in my head and not the oriental sound of the sheep bells and the bird song. Gradually I let go, felt the earth again between my fingers, listened to the song of the universe, and was happy.




Blogger Peter (the other) said...

Are those goats, or sheep? In any case, what portent of beauty, let alone great eating (and painting), the garden shall bear! Nothing but summer to look forward to.

(glad to see you back blogging more regularly)

12:36 AM  
Blogger ruth said...

hello peter, they are indeed sheep!!! sorry!

8:44 AM  
Anonymous ruthangel said...

Where are their lambs? Over here, the lambs that survived last week's sudden snow, are still quite small and at their mother's foot.

7:51 PM  

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