Tuesday, January 18, 2005

sculpture garden

The digi-camera finally arrived. A bit late as it seems to have gone round the hamlets. An evening walk then, just to show you where we live, and the small joyful things on our doorstep: A path in rose-light, a dusky olive grove and, above all, Manuel's sculpture garden.
These are just two of the little spontaneous stone sculptures he makes when he walks the flagging old dog at dawn and dusk.

Seeing them always makes me feel like we share a secret art garden with the fairies, and are truly blessed to be here.

Other joys today included the fruits of a late night surf: a friend found in Madrid via a cd she had made and an email from a very old friend in the US who I'd googled and found. The renewed connection made my heart sing out in the knowledge that love is never truly lost, especially with broadband!
Another dear friend asked me if I have yet done the "cabbage soup diet", which book she gave me. Oops. Hope she loves me anyway.


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