Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy 900th Birthday Julian!


Today Julian will post his 900th daily painting! There is an awesome new link on which you can see his entire opus here. What a guy! Here he is in a grump trying to see some snaps taken in the Tuscan hills. Little did he know a delectable lunch was minutes away.

Meanwhile, I know I'm not blogging much but,'s still really pissy weather and, more importantly, there are exciting plans afoot. Firstly, we have finally committed to the idea of making the hayloft into a gallery from which I will sell prints to passing Dutch cyclists and write a gallery blog. Secondly, in anticipation of the thousandth painting which should be in October or November, not long before Julian's 50th birthday, we are in the embryonic stage of making two books of the Postcards. One will be really posh - leather bound in Avignon, possibly a box set of the four seasons, on cotton rag archival paper and a limited edition. The second will, if we find an agent or publisher, hopefully not be self-published on Lulu. I am redesigning and translating my website into French with the hope of building more home based teaching and workshop stuff, and on it I will have a more musically oriented blog. One day I may even may even finish my own book!



Blogger Dale said...

Wow, 900th? It seems like yesterday.

12:36 AM  
Blogger on painters & painting said...

...good! all good!

7:01 AM  
Anonymous Jenna said...

Well I used to be sort of envious of your lives but with no talent in painting or music, I was more admiring of your abilities. Now, as a former Internet professional for 10 years, the fact that you are both making a business grow from online to the "bricks and mortar" realm, with the social networking component serving as a defacto marketing tool, I'm supremely impressed. You have both taken your passions and abilities and translated them into a fabulous lifestyle (self-determined, no commuting, doing what you love, comfortable income, etc.) and one that will be condusive to having a child on top of everything! Bravo Ruth and Julian!!!

5:08 PM  
Anonymous Jenna (again) said...

One more comment...
One thing I particularly love, and I think this is what you're getting at with a "gallery blog" is when you relay a story of some Provencal adventure, such as taking a trip to the ocean, and then I see your shots from flickr and read your beautiful prose, and later in the day, or the next day, I see Julian's interpretation of that experience via a postcard. It's kind of a snapshot into the artist's mind (or at least the artist's lifestyle and wife's mind!) and to me it is fascinating.....

5:21 PM  

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