Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cadmium Red


Babu hates Manon and Manon hates Babu. Babu, sensibly, has taken to living in Julians studio, but there are dangers. Yesterday Babu came down to have her dinner with a bright red paw. I was on the phone to my brother in Bangkok. 'Babu's hurt' I shouted up. 'Can you come and see her?' Julian came down. 'This is gonna take two of us' he mouthed. 'can I call you back' I said. Babu had by now spread a great dollop of cadmium red (highly poisonous) from her paw to her fluffy white tum and she looked like something out of the killing fields. We tried our best to clean her up with baby oil newly delivered from the UK and soap suds, but of course she licked most of it up. Here she is checking out a new set of strings sent, very kindly, by a collector of Julian's - Janet..... But you'll have to wait for the book for THAT story....!

Meanwhile, do we Hope or do we Despair?

Let's hope.


Blogger Dale said...

Ah, yes, Cockburn, the man who predicted a hundred thousand US casualties from the first Gulf war. He's a marvelous writer: I used to love his stuff in The Nation. But he doesn't really know very much and he doesn't really think very hard. I'm not surprised to find that sort of stuff in his journal.

Obama simply has to use the materials to hand. I don't find the article very compelling: it's mostly guilt by association, and if you've been in politics at all, you've associated with a lot of real jerks. I'm willing to wait and see how Obama's Middle East policy rolls out. He's been one too many for a long list of people, and I suspect the writer of this Counterpunch article is going to be one of them.

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